We have information and links to help in the healing process of victims of sexual child abuse. Whether you are a child or an adult surviver of childhood sexual child abuse, you can find helpful sources and suggestions on our website to help in your healing.
We will furnish books that we recommend on this site through our Lending Library. To borrow books, simply fill out the Check Out Form at the Lending Library page.

To borrow books from our Lending Library:
You don't have to qualify to borrow books from our lending library. Just fill out the Check Out Form at the Lending Library page for which books you want to check out. We simply ask that you return the book when you are through with it - there is no time deadline. There is no cost to you to borrow a book, only the postage in returning it. And you can use "media mail" book rate to return it which is inexpensive. This way others can benefit from that same book.

We are a private foundation, and do not solicit or receive outside funds.

I wish you the best in your journey to recovery. I am survivor of childhood sexual child abuse myself and have traveled this journey. The healing journey is difficult, but VERY worth it! Life can be and should be fun. When you have traveled your healing healing journey, life can be wonderful!

When I started my healing process, I was too sick to work and money to pay for counseling was difficult. I made the decision to pay for the counseling that I could barely afford. I got enough health back to start working for more finances to walk this journey of recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual child abuse.

It is reported that among persons suffering from the Eating Disorder of Bulimia, that as high as 85% have been victims of sexual child abuse. I suffered from Bulimia for 19 years before I discovered this cause and had to face counseling for the sexual child abuse that I had tried to make up my mind was in the past. I didn't realize that my life was still traumatized from the sexual child abuse well into my adult years. Today I have mostly renewed health with still some health challenges to overcome from the years of bulimia. Even though I still have health challenges, I'm ALIVE (I almost died from the bulimia). I'm very thankful to be alive, and thankful for the counseling I had in recovery. Joshua Childrens Foundation is here to help you or your child in recovery process from childhood sexual child abuse.

Today I enjoy a fruitful life and have been blessed in my business, and in new and renewed friendships and activities. I wish the same for all recovering victims.

The reason for existance of Joshua Children's Foundation is:
(1) To assist recovering victims who were sexually abused as children.

(2) To educate parents, teachers, and other adults who work
with children in the prevention sexual abuse of children.

As you view this website, we would appreciate your suggestions and thoughts by your filling in our Survey/Feedback page

In Love and Best Wishes to you in your healing journey,

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