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October 25, 2006

Gift from a Blind Husband and Wife Traveling by Train

I met a really nice couple getting off the train yesterday in Portland. They were BOTH blind. The husband had a seeing eye dog, and both he and his wife were using a cane. But it was difficult navigation for them getting off the train in the crowd with all the noise of the train still along with the noise of the crowd. The train staff was helping the husband, and his wife was trying to find her direction behind him. We made instant "friends" for the time that it took me to help safely navigate their way to the train station.

They had a great attitude towards the train staff and me and appreciated the help. As we got into the train station and I helped them find a seat to wait for their next train and asked the Amtrak staff to look after them. They were so appreciative. And it sure made me start thinking that there are worse things to bear than the scars of experiencing child abuse.

As she thanked me, she gave me a gift of a wax angel that she makes. It will be treasured along with the greater gift they gave me yesterday of appreciating what I have and 'feeling less sorry for myself'.

They were traveling on to California by train. What troopers they are to be out traveling. I will remember them forever, even though they only touched my life for a brief time yesterday.

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