We will be expanding this page to include more information and links regarding state laws and state resources helpful to victims, statute of limitations in some states, state assistance programs for victims, and other helpful links for legal resources for victims of sexual abuse.

Helpful Book About suing your abuser:
Shifting the Burden of Truth by Joseph E. Crnich, J.D., and Kimberly A. Crnich, J.D.
In the past few years courts and legislatures have finally started changing centuries old laws that kept adult survivors from suing their childhood abusers and recovering money for their injuries. Shifting the Burden of Truth is a handbook and invaluable guide for survivors and for attorneys who represent sexual abuse victims' rights and and encourage survivors' healing. Explains laws and how they affect you and how to find and hire an attorney to represent you. Includes a list of attorneys experienced in this area of law. This book is several years old, but still very useful.

Legal Resources for Victims of Sexual Child Abuse - on an attorney's website including state by state statute of limitations.

Helpful Book For Attorneys, Advocates, Clinicians - practical resource for litigation:
Child Abuse Litigation - Attorney resource book Sexual Child Abuse Litigation: A Practical Resource for Attorneys, Clinicians, and Advocates by Rebecca Rix
Ideal for use as a legal guide or a practical reference, sexual child abuse Litigation offers summaries, charts, networking resources, legal practice tips, and samples of actual testimony, as well as a table of the statutes of limitations for sexual abuse cases in all fifty states. Its suggestions cover all phases of the legal process from case evaluation to appellate court and include tested strategies for dealing with expert witnesses for the defense and sustaining the admissibility of the survivor's testimony. sexual child abuse Litigation will give you or your client the necessary information on how to face the challenges of child sexual abuse cases.

National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse - In 1985, the National District Attorneys Association established the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse as a program of the American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI). Aimed at responding to an increasing volume of reported child abuse, the National Center serves as a central resource for training, expert legal assistance, court reform and state-of-the-art information on criminal child abuse investigations and prosecutions.

Recovered Memories - on Lawyer's website - Includes bibliography list of resources supporting that traumatic memories are often forgotten and recovered later (traumatic amnesia) -- Debunking 'false memory' myths in sexual abuse cases. Lists some supported studies, and a few Legal Cases involving recovered memories.

Recovered Memory Project - Professor Ross E. Cheit at Taubman Center for Public Policy & American Institutions at Brown University

Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse - Recovered Memory - Scientific Research and Scholarly Resources Breaking the Cycle Training Institute - Information and Training for professional and law enforcement in dealing with domestic violence and child abuse including seminars about interviewing children.

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