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   Andrea Walks for Tennessee's Children

Andrea Conte, first lady of Tennessee is walking across the state of Tennesee to raise awareness and funds to help abused children in Tennessee.

First Lady Andrea Conte is a long time victim advocate and has been involved for many years with Child Advocacy Centers in Tennessee. The fund raising goal for this walk across the state of Tennessee is $1 Million Dollars. (Let's hope she raises more)

In her walk across the state she is inviting others to walk short segments with her. This walk spans several months and is raising awareness of child abuse. The walk is also raising much needed funds for 27 different organizations that provide counseling for child victims, awareness programs or professional training.

To contribute to her project, to walk with her, or to read more, visit Andrea Walks

Statistics from website:

Staggering Statistics on Child Abuse In Tennessee
   In 2003, 11,801 children were victims of some type of abuse.
   2,229 of those children were victims of sexual abuse
   and 1,529 were victims of physical abuse
   9 children died as a result of physical abuse.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services offers a 24 hour hotline for reporting suspected child abuse: 1-877-237-0004

You may also report suspected child abuse to your local law enforcement officials

NOTE: Inclusion in our list of organizations, books, counselors, and other links and resources does not necessarily indicate a recommendation or endorsement. What is helpful for another survivor may not be right for you. As always, use your own judgment when contacting any of these organizations. Advice given at this website, or in conjunction with Joshua Childrens Foundation activities is not to be taken as a counseling or clinical relationship but only as suggestion based on the founders personal experience as a sex abuse victim resulting in bulimia eating disorder and the healing journey from that. Articles, links, or content contained on this website should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner, nor should it be inferred as such. Always check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about a specific condition. Joshua Childrens Foundation does not take any responsibility and is held harmless from any actions by anyone associated with the websites we link to.

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