Sleep Disorders are common for victims of sexual abuse. This is something that I did not realize until it happened to me after other stress in my life brought back post traumatic stress. I've ended up back in counseling and working with doctors to get my health back. And in doing so, a doctor pointed out that I was not getting deep sleep. And in a couseling session with my favorite psychiatrist who helped me so much years ago, she pointed out that I probably have never gotten really good deep sleep except when I was a very young child before the abuse. Hence this page on sleep disorders is being added to help others as I learn more about this and find good resources to share with other victims. Hopefully this will be very helpful to others - both those of you who know you aren't getting good sleep, and for those of us who did not realize we were not getting proper sleep :)

National Institutes of Health - Sleep Disorders Research - This website has patient and public information, research, and professional education.

You can take a sleep IQ test at Sleep IQ Test

Your Guide to Healthy Sleep from the National Heart, Lung, an Blood Institute

Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem from the Institute of Medicaine of the National Academies.

National Institute of Health - Sleep & Aging

Stanford University - site is under sonstruction but has links to some good research about sleep.

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